Samples Policy

I accept samples from wineries, importers or distributors, although I do not solicit them. When I receive samples, I do my best to taste the wines and publish a review in a relatively short timeframe, although I cannot commit to a specific timeline because of possible priorities in the blog’s editorial schedule, travel or… life just getting in the way!

If you wish to send samples of wine for me to taste and review, please contact me first by email to coordinate delivery. Also, bear in mind that I speak the truth to my readers: I will taste the wine in a professional manner according to the ISA wine tasting protocol and I will write an honest review about it, which could be good, bad or something in between.

Whenever I review samples, I will disclose it in my reviews.

Having said that about samples, the vast majority of the wines that I review or recommend are wines that I purchased myself for my own consumption and that I liked. The same goes for my occasional restaurant reviews: I only review restaurants that I really enjoyed dining at and I do not derive any compensation from publishing my reviews.


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