Dogwood Blossom

I just love dogwood blossoms: when they are in perfect conditions they are so beautiful and minimalist-elegant… I stumbled upon this particular blossom in Yosemite National Park and it immediately struck me, so much so that I felt I needed to stop to photograph it.

As soon as I saw it, I realized the image I would make of it would be a pretty strong metaphor. It would carry a message that beauty is fragile and transitory: the blossom appears perfect in its delicate beauty, but the twig that supports its very life is broken, like a stark premonition of the fate that is looming over the now perfect blossom. In my view, the somber mood of black & white complements well the message that this image intends to convey.

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As per my copyright notice, please respect my work and do not download, reproduce or use the image above without first seeking my consent. Thank you 🙂


15 thoughts on “(Im)perfection

      1. whiskeytangofoxtrot4

        OH my gosh… I truly apologize…I have no idea how I missed seeing that.. Yikes… please don’t think I am a rude girl..
        I LOVE it! Thank you so much for the bloggy love…I can’t believe you got to see a Kermode Bear.. so awesome!

      2. Stefano Post author

        Absolutely no need for any apology – and least of all could I ever think that you are a rude girl!!!
        I would not even had mentioned it, but I thought it is such a defining charateristic of the beautiful place you live (and such a rare one to see) that you might have liked taking a look at it 🙂
        Thank you for your super nice comment 😀

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Brilliant and a wonderful metaphor. I love it. So much to this 🙂 It is wonderful when one photo can mean so much!


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