Windows Arch and Turret Arch Before Dawn

Windows Arch and Turret Arch at twilight

Utah’s Arches National Park is a special place that rewards visitors with stunning red rock desert views and over 2000 natural sandstone arches and giant balanced rocks.

I captured the above image of Windows Arch, with Turret Arch in the background, at twilight, just before dawn, from a slightly elevated vantage point. Given the bright desert sunlight and the crowds that generally assemble around the most iconic features of the Park, photographing at the fringes of the day or at night are among the best options available to those who do not simply seek to bring home a snapshot from Arches.

Immediately before dawn, contrast is low and manageable but the sky is already lit and takes on delicate pastel tones that subtly complement the warm hues of the ubiquitous rocks and sand. Add a pleasing composition (especially if you are at one of those over photographed spots) et les jeux sont faits 🙂

Oh, and by the way, Happy Memorial Day! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Windows Arch and Turret Arch Before Dawn

  1. Tracy Lee Karner

    How strange–my dear aunt painted this scene (about a million years ago in the 1940’s) and I was thinking of her and my uncle (they’re gone now) because it’s memorial day… and your beautiful photo shows up in my reader.

    The way you’ve framed this, like an eye into a mystical-magical world, is very clever.

    1. Stefano Post author

      Thank yo so much, Heather! I am glad you liked it, as what you described was exactly the idea I had in mind when I took the shot. 🙂

    1. Stefano Post author

      Thank you very much for your kind words: glad you liked the shot and found my advice helpful! 🙂
      I also love the soft, delicate pastel tones of the twilight, especially in desert places like Arches where the sunlight becomes harsh very early in the day.


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