Saint Emilion Chronicles #7, Part I: A Visit to Chateau Figeac

Check out a new chapter in our Saint Emilion Chronicles saga, featuring a visit to famed Chateau Figeac and a detailed overview of their winemaking process.
Enjoy! 🙂

Flora's Table

FRANCE, Saint Emilion
 – Chateau Figeac (Premier Grand Cru Classé B)

For those of you who remember our Saint Emilion series, this is its next installment: after our post on Chateau de Ferrand, today we will talk about another Chateau that we visited – Chateau Figeac.

On a previous post, I have provided a general overview of the Saint Emilion wine region and its wine classification system: if necessary, take a look at it for a refresher.


Chateau Figeac’s origins date back to the II century AD, when it comprised a Gallo-Roman villa and a large estate which were owned by the Figeacus family after whom it has been named.

By the XV century, Figeac became one of five noble houses in Saint Emilion and there is evidence that in the XVI century (when Chateau Figeac was rebuilt in a Renaissance architectural style) grapevines were grown and wine was made…

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5 thoughts on “Saint Emilion Chronicles #7, Part I: A Visit to Chateau Figeac

  1. Dina

    Great post about Chateau Figeac, Stefano. It must have been a very special visit, we love your photos from the noble place. I suppose visiting those world famous wineries gives you the same kick as we get visiting old and famous libraries. Pure delight, uplifting and most inspiring.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri & Selma xo

    1. Stefano Post author

      Ha! I love the parallel between wineries and libraries and the reactions that they elicit from us, dear Dina! Very clever and very true! 🙂 The visit was in fact very special and educational. I am glad you liked the photos of the Chateau – and also that you, as a discerning photographer, called them photos as opposed to ‘pictures’ 😉
      A big hug,


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