Wine Review: A Special Tasting – Gaja, Barbaresco DOC 1967

Read on Flora’s Table the whole story behind a special wine tasting: Gaja, Barbaresco DOC 1967! Tasting notes, grape variety information, facts about the Gaja estate and much more.
Check it out! 🙂

Flora's Table

Gaja, Barbaresco DOC 1967The wine we are going to review today was certainly quite a treat: last month, my good friend Anatoli (who pens the Talk-A-Vino wine blog) and other friends came over for dinner and I decided time was right to open a bottle that had been sitting around for a while: Gaja, Barbaresco DOC 1967.

This post tells the story of that experience. For a different take on it (plus other wines we had that night), check out Anatoli’s post on his blog.

But let’s get to it.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Gaja’s 1967 Barbaresco was a spectacular treat to taste after 48 years of aging: a true testament to the longevity and age-worthiness of a wonderful, albeit difficult, grape variety such as Nebbiolo. Even after so many years spent in the bottle, the wine was still an outstanding performer and still retained much of its fruity aromas and flavors…

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4 thoughts on “Wine Review: A Special Tasting – Gaja, Barbaresco DOC 1967

  1. Dina

    What a gem, Stefano! I’ll have a sip in my my next dream. 🙂 What an excellent review.
    I doubt I’ll be able to taste this precious wine, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your tasting experience. Cheers!! 🙂
    Big hug from the Four of us,
    Dina x

    1. Stefano Post author

      Thank you very much, dear Dina, for your kind comment and apologies for my delayed reply: it really was a special treat and a great tasting experience. I wish you guys lived closer so that we could have enjoyed together! 🙂
      A big hug to the Fab Four! 🙂

  2. laurasmess

    48 years of ageing!!! Wow. I’ve never had a wine that’s older than 20 years old (and that was quite an experience – I am lucky to have a rather well off wine drinking friend!). The bottle itself tells a rather beautiful story. I love seeing how wine labels evolve over time! Sorry for being so absent recently Stefano, my computer has died and life has been very busy since we got back from our five months overseas. I do hope that you’re going well… I realize that life has been busy for you and Francesca also! I will click over to read the rest of this post on Flora’s Table 🙂
    All the best my lovely friend!

    1. Stefano Post author

      Dear Laura, thank you as always for your kind and insightful comments. Yes, that tasting was quite an experience and it is amazing how well the cork stood the test of time! No worries of course for being absent: I know that full well – just like you said I have been on a sort of blogging hiatus myself when work was just too crazy for me to keep juggling all the balls without dropping any, so to speak! Not much you can do when life gets in the way…
      Anyway, good to hear you, my friend 🙂
      Big hugs


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