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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you all! 🙂

Flora's Table

Happy New Year Cookie Tree Happy New Year Cookie Tree

Happy New Year to you all!!!

We wish you all the best for this upcoming year: health, success, happiness and… lots of delicious food and greatly paired wine! 🙂

Francesca & Stefano

Happy New Year Cookie Tree Happy New Year Cookie Tree

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Wine Review: Three 2013 Alsatian Pinot Blancs… Or Should I Say One and a Half?

After last week’s post introducing France’s Alsace wine region and the Alsace AOC appellation, it is time to move on to the actual reviews and tasting notes of three Pinot Blancs from Alsace that you may want to bear in mind for your Spring/Summer wine shopping list: check them out on Flora’s Table!

Flora's Table

Disclaimer: this review is of samples that I received from the producers’ US PR agency. My review has been conducted in compliance with my Samples Policy and the ISA wine tasting protocol and the opinions I am going to share on the wines are my own.

AOC AlsaceWhen I got an email asking whether I would review samples of three Pinot Blancs from France’s Alsace region, I wholeheartedly accepted because I generally very much like Alsatian Rieslings and Gewürztraminers, but I was not familiar with their Pinot Blancs so it sounded like a great opportunity to make myself an idea. Plus, Pinot Blanc is not a grape that you often see in varietal (as in, 100% Pinot Blanc) wines: it is more often used as a blending partner of other grapes, including in the context of the blend of certain French or Italian Classic Method sparkling wines together with Chardonnay

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Sunday Read: Kiva wine lovers group

For those of you, dear readers, who do not follow Oliver’s excellent wine blog called The Winegetter (which, believe me, you definitely should as he has tons of wine knowledge, a very pleasant writing style, great content and basically all that you ever wanted to know about Riesling), I would like to invite you to read his post that I reblogged here. While it is wine inspired, it also provides plenty of information about Micro Lending and a Micro Lending team that was founded by Oliver under the name “Wine Lovers Unite”. I found it an incredibly interesting read.

the winegetter

Browse great wines from around the world.

Disclaimer: I entered into a tentative agreement with the online wine retailer Wine Chateau under which they sponsor two of my posts per month. Wine Chateau has no influence on the topic I select for the post or its content. Opinions expressed are all mine.

This Sunday, some things are different. First of all, as I am sure you noticed, Wine Chateau has offered to sponsor two of my posts per month. I was going back and forth a bit on this one, but ultimately I liked that they were willing to give me some money for this without any influence on the content of my posts. Also, I had an idea on what to do with the money which I think could be a cool thing to do:

Some of you might know that I am an active lender on the micro…

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