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Happy Thanksgiving!

CANADA, Princess Royal Island (BC) Sunset with S-shaped cloud formation

Happy Thanksgiving to all our North American readers!

Enjoy the holiday and, quoting our 7-year-old daughter, “be thankful for all good things in life!” – for us here, a serene sunset with great pastel colors and an otherworldly cloud formation such as that displayed above would certainly qualify! 🙂 This image was taken on a beautiful, uninhabited small island off the coasts of British Columbia, Canada.

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Also, if you are interested in finding out how we are celebrating, head over to Flora’s Table and check it out for yourselves! 🙂

If you would like to see more images of mine, feel free to browse my Galleries.

As per my copyright notice, please respect my work and do not download, reproduce or use the image above without first seeking my consent. Thank you :-)