To get the whole story about the cutest, furry addition to the family and see more photographs of her, please head over to Flora’s Table and read a very partial take on her!  😉

If you would like to see more images of mine, feel free to browse my Galleries.

As per my copyright notice, please respect my work and do not download, reproduce or use the image above without first seeking my consent. Thank you :-)


28 thoughts on “Sofia

  1. Dina

    OMG, what a cutie!!!! I want a Sofia too!!! Can anyone pleeeease hear me? 🙂 Gosh, Stefano, Sofia looks like a lot fun. Sharp teeth, I suppose… You have some busy 3-4 months in front of you. 🙂 Well done to get HRH Sofia to pose like this! Her expression is beyond words.
    Give her lost of pats and even more kisses from me. What a shame you live across the pond, I’d love to dogsit her whenever needed. So would Siri and Selma!
    Bis hugs from us,

    1. Stefano Post author

      You’ll see: she is a cutie indeed and very, very friendly. She is generally pretty quiet, but now and then she’s got these bursts of energy when she runs around like crazy! It’ll be fun, especially since I understand you like dogs 🙂

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